Windows 12 Will Be Released on June 2024

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to release Windows 12 in June 2024, a move that could mark a notable shift in the tech landscape.

This new version of Windows is expected to be closely aligned with the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI), reflecting the rapid advancements in this area over recent years.

The anticipated launch of Windows 12 comes just a few years after the introduction of Windows 11, indicating a quicker update cycle for Microsoft’s operating system.

This shift is partly driven by the growing influence of generative AI in the tech industry. Microsoft, in partnership with OpenAI, has been at the forefront of integrating AI into its products, including the ChatGPT-powered Bing and Copilot features.

The news of Windows 12’s potential release was hinted at by executives from Acer and Quanta at a technology exhibition in Taiwan. They suggested that the launch of Windows 12 would coincide with the release of new AI computing hardware.

This aligns with the industry’s growing focus on “AI PCs,” a concept that is still being defined but points towards a future where everyday devices have enhanced machine-learning capabilities.

Currently, most AI models operate in the cloud, supported by powerful AI accelerators. However, there’s a trend towards embedding machine-learning hardware directly into everyday devices. For instance, Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake laptop chips are expected to emphasize AI processing, and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite chip is designed to fully support generative AI features.

The release of Windows 12, with its AI-centric approach, could redefine the user experience on Microsoft’s platform. This shift towards AI could influence how we interact with our computers, making AI features more integral to our daily computing tasks.

While June 2024 is the rumored announcement date for Windows 12, the actual availability for installation might follow a timeline similar to Windows 11, with an announcement followed by insider testing and a fall release.

The potential launch of Windows 12 signals a new era in computing, where AI plays a central role in the operating system and the hardware it runs on. This development could have far-reaching implications for how we use technology in our daily lives.

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