Users Experiencing Glitches on Facebook Affecting User Timelines (Again?)

Users Experiencing Glitches on Facebook Affecting User Timelines

Facebook users around the world are facing difficulties accessing their timelines. According to user reports on X, many are unable to view posts, with some timelines appearing empty.

David Li, one of the affected users, voiced his frustration on X, questioning, “Facebook down? Unable to view friends’ timeline.” The issue seems widespread, as echoed by Priyanka Pati, a senior engineer at Dell Technologies, who shared her difficulties on X stating,

“I am unable to see my posts, it says ‘no post available’ #facebookdown.”

The glitch is not limited to specific regions but has been reported globally, including in Bangladesh, where Facebook’s troubles were confirmed by multiple users. Mostafizur Rahman, an employee at a private firm, noticed the problem later in the day after a normal morning on the platform.

“Everything disappeared from the timeline a while ago,” Rahman reported. He initially thought the issue was isolated to his account, but later realized it was a more widespread problem as others started reporting the same.

This is not the first time Facebook has encountered such issues; it has reportedly been hit by various glitches 33 times this year alone. The recurring problems are causing frustration among users who rely on the platform for personal connections and professional purposes.

Meta, the parent company which also owns Instagram, has yet to respond to the issues.

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