SiriusXM Bringing Their New Streaming App for the Next Generation

SiriusXM, the well-known audio entertainment company, is set to launch a new streaming app next month, as announced during their “Next Generation” event in New York.

The app is designed to offer a “lean-back,” user-friendly streaming experience with a focus on content discovery.

It will feature an updated media player, which improved search capabilities, a personalized “For You” page, and sections curated for music, podcasts, and sports.

The new app also boasts live listening updates for sports, a speed control feature for podcasts, offline listening, download capabilities, and a system to save favorite content. If users run out of skips, the app will suggest alternative content.

The revamped SiriusXM app will be available from December 14 on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices, with a rollout to additional platforms in early 2024.

In addition to the app, SiriusXM introduced a new logo featuring an ‘S’ with a star, symbolizing the company’s commitment to bringing listeners closer to the stars.

They also launched an online store for branded merchandise and introduced Stella which is a new puppy mascot.

The update is part of SiriusXM’s strategy to attract younger audiences who have drifted away from traditional radio. The company is spicing up its offerings with guest DJ channel takeovers by over 160 artists, including Olivia Rodrigo, Cardi B, and Luke Combs.

New channels and shows are being added to the content library, with personalities like Kelly Clarkson and John Mayer hosting or curating content.

SiriusXM’s future plans include a distribution relationship with Audible and an expanded agreement with Polestar.

Despite losing satellite and Pandora subscribers in the third quarter, SiriusXM is pushing forward with new initiatives to remain competitive in the digital audio space.

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