Google Messages Introduces Redesigned Text Field with New Shortcuts Bar

Google Messages, a popular messaging app, is getting a new update that introduces a redesigned text field with a dedicated shortcuts bar. This update comes after Google celebrated reaching 1 billion RCS (Rich Communication Services) users by adding new features to the app.

In the updated Google Messages app, the text field where you type messages will now take up most of the screen space. This change gives users a larger area to type and includes a box with shortcuts for easier access.

Previously, the RCS/text box occupied about two-thirds of the screen, and when you tapped it to start typing, it would hide buttons like the plus, gallery, and Magic Compose. But with the new design, these buttons are more accessible.

The update brings a left-aligned text box with an emoji button, a gallery button, Magic Compose, and a new plus icon, which is now inside a circle within the text field.

Additionally, the voice recorder feature is being revamped, with Moods getting a separate space outside the text field.

Some users have noted that it’s a bit unusual for the text field in Google Messages to be left-aligned, especially since the messages sent appear on the right side. Another noticeable change is the new user interface (UI) that appears when you enter typing mode.

When you start typing, the text box splits into two lines, with the text field at the top and the lower bar keeping all your shortcuts.

This new design aims to make it more convenient to use shortcuts, though it might take some time for users to get used to it.

The redesigned text field with a dedicated shortcut bar is currently available to some Google Messages beta users, but it hasn’t been widely rolled out yet. Those enrolled in the Google Messages beta program may already see these changes.

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