Players Unusual Use of Master Ball on Shiny Bidoof

In the world of “Pokemon Go,” a player has recently garnered both praise and criticism for their unconventional use of a Master Ball.

Master Balls, known for their 100% catch rate, are incredibly rare and valuable in the game. Typically, players reserve these for capturing elusive Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. However, this particular player chose to use their Master Ball on a Shiny Bidoof, a Pokemon more famous for its meme status than its prowess in battle.

Introduced in “Pokemon Go” in 2023, Master Balls are as coveted in the mobile game as they are in the mainline Pokemon series. Players can potentially earn a Master Ball through Special Research events, often involving a payment.

Given their rarity and the guarantee of catching any Pokemon without fail, most players save their Master Balls for extremely rare encounters.

A user on the “Pokemon Go” Reddit shared their decision to use a Master Ball on a Shiny Bidoof. This choice sparked a mixed reaction from the community. Some players applauded the decision, celebrating the player’s affection for Bidoof, especially a Shiny one.

Comments like “Ok, this isn’t just a bidoof. This is a shiny bidoof. I don’t know what else a sane person would do. What if it ran off?? Nah. In the presence of a God, you grab a hold of it, yes you do!” and “Praise the mighty Godoof” were seen in the thread.

Not everyone shared this enthusiasm for using such a rare item on a Bidoof, even a Shiny one. Some users questioned the logic behind “wasting” a Master Ball on a Pokemon that doesn’t generally hold significant battle value.

A user expressed their bewilderment, saying, “What is up with the craze of wasting master balls?” Another comment read, “I want to study the brain of anyone who finds this funny.”

With the mixed reactions, it’s important to note that Shiny Pokemon, regardless of their battle capabilities, are rare and sought after by collectors in the game.

While a Master Ball is often seen as best used on a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon, catching a Shiny Pokemon, especially one as beloved as Bidoof for its meme status, can also be seen as a valuable use of this rare item.

This isn’t the first instance of a “Pokemon Go” player using a Master Ball on a Bidoof. The Bidoof line has a certain charm and goofiness that has won over the hearts of many players. In the end, the value of a Master Ball lies in its use, and for some players, ensuring the capture of a Shiny Bidoof is as worthy a cause as any.

The world of “Pokemon Go” is filled with diverse strategies and preferences. While some may question the use of a Master Ball on a Shiny Bidoof, others see it as a celebration of the fun and quirky aspects of the game.

This incident highlights the varied ways players find joy and value in “Pokemon Go,” beyond just the pursuit of the most powerful or rare Pokemon.

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