Sonos to Challenge Apple with Upcoming Over-Ear Headphones and Set-Top Box

Sonos, a well-known speaker company, is branching out into new product markets, directly competing with Apple’s devices.

Sonos is planning to release over-ear headphones, which will be available in black and white. These headphones will feature voice control and can sync with other Sonos products like speakers and soundbars.

They’re expected to be priced between $400 and $500, similar to Apple’s AirPods Max and other high-end brands like Sony and Bose. The focus seems to be on customization and sound quality, with a special “Passport” app for fine-tuning the audio experience.

These headphones have been in development for several years and might hit the market by April 2024.

In late 2024 or 2025, Sonos plans to introduce a set-top box similar to Apple TV. This device will act as a hub for Sonos audio equipment and will support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. It’s expected to offer various apps and streaming services and will run on an Android-based operating system.

The price range could be between $150 and $200. Sonos is also exploring options for live television offerings and might even develop its own video service.

Sonos is working on new amplifiers, in-ceiling speakers for professional installers, a business version of the Era 100 speakers, and a high-end TV soundbar as an update to the Arc. For general consumers, they’re developing a new version of the Sub that will sync with the upcoming set-top box and an updated Roam speaker.

Patrick Spence the CEO of Sonos has indicated that these new products are designed to complement existing Sonos devices and are expected to generate significant revenue, with projections of over $100 million in 2024.

This move by Sonos represents a significant step into markets dominated by tech giants like Apple, showcasing the company’s ambition to expand its presence in the world of consumer electronics.

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