Microsoft Rewards Program New Update (Sees Major Point Reductions)

Microsoft Rewards, a program that lets users earn points for various activities, has recently seen some notable changes. These changes have led to a dramatic drop in the number of points users can earn from certain activities.

Not too long ago, Microsoft stopped giving daily points for using Microsoft Edge, and shortly after, they also shut down the Xbox Rewards app. Now, users have noticed that the points they earn from “other activities” have been reduced from 10 to just 2.

Even the weekly puzzle, which used to be a good way to earn points, now only gives one point.

This news might be a bit disappointing for people who regularly use Microsoft Rewards. Some users have shared their experiences on forums, noting that tasks that used to give 5 or 10 points are now only worth 1 or 2 points.

However, there are still some ways to earn additional points, like logging into the Microsoft Start app on a phone and viewing news items.

Microsoft has responded to these changes by saying that the Microsoft Rewards program is evolving. They’re always looking at how they can change the program to make it fair and consistent.

They also mentioned that they appreciate the loyalty of their Microsoft Rewards members and are excited about the future of the program.

So, while it’s clear that the program is changing, Microsoft has confirmed that they have no plans to discontinue Microsoft Rewards indefinitely. This means that users can still earn points, although it might be a bit harder than before.

For those who are wondering, it seems like some people are having trouble claiming their points through the Xbox Awards app. If you’re having this issue, you’re not alone.

Microsoft Rewards is going through some changes, and while it’s not going away, the way users earn points is definitely different now. It’s worth keeping an eye on the program to see how it continues to evolve.

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