HMD Global Confirms Ongoing Production

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz in the tech world about the future of Nokia-branded phones. Rumors were swirling that we might not see any new Nokia phones in the market. However, HMD Global, the company behind Nokia’s Android phones, has come forward to clear the air.

HMD Global’s Clarification

HMD Global holds the rights to manufacture and sell Nokia Android phones across various markets. Amidst the rumors, HMD Global has officially denied any plans to stop selling Nokia phones. In fact, they have confirmed that new Nokia phones will continue to be a part of the market.

Rebranding and New Strategy

The confusion arose when HMD Global started rebranding the Nokia Mobile website to HMD. This move was interpreted by many as the end of the Nokia brand.

However, HMD Global has explained that this rebranding is part of a new multi-brand strategy. The company is not just changing its name but is also introducing a fresh approach to its business.

HMD Global has assured its customers and Nokia enthusiasts that the brand is not going anywhere. They have plans to introduce more Nokia phones later this year and beyond. These new phones will continue to embody the values of sustainability and affordability that Nokia is known for.

HMD Global’s Expansion Beyond Nokia

The rebranding and new strategy indicate that HMD Global is expanding its horizons beyond being just a brand licensee. This expansion allows them to sell phones under their own brand name. While Nokia holds a significant nostalgic value in the market, HMD Global’s next phase of growth will focus on managing two brands.

The tech market has evolved significantly, and HMD Global recognizes the need for a proactive approach to stay competitive. Their focus on both the HMD and Nokia brands will be crucial for their success. The company is determined to ensure that the Nokia brand continues to thrive in the years to come.

Nokia phones are here to stay. HMD Global’s recent clarifications have put to rest the rumors about the end of Nokia-branded phones. With a new strategy and continued commitment to the Nokia brand, HMD Global is poised to navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving tech market.

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