Vicarius Secures $30M for AI-Powered Cybersecurity Tools

Vicarius, a company specializing in AI-powered vulnerability detection and remediation tools, has successfully raised $30 million in a Series B funding round. This notable investment, led by Bright Pixel Capital with participation from AllegisCyber Capital, AlleyCorp, and Strait Capital, has doubled Vicarius’ previous valuation. The total funds raised by Vicarius now amount to approximately $56.7 million.

The company, co-founded by Michael Assraf, Yossi Ze’evi, and Roi Cohen, focuses on automating the discovery, prioritization, and remediation workload that burdens security and IT teams.

Vicarius offers a unique approach to cybersecurity, analyzing apps for vulnerabilities and alerting customers. In cases where a patch is not available, Vicarius applies what it calls “in-memory protection,” which secures the app without needing a software upgrade.

Vicarius also fosters a community of security vulnerability researchers, where they can share remediation and detection scripts and earn rewards in virtual currency.

This community contributes to the data set used to train Vicarius’ AI tool, vuln_GPT, which helps write system breach detection and remediation scripts. All AI-generated scripts are validated before being pushed to customers, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.

The company’s growth strategy includes expanding into new markets, particularly in Asia Pacific, while strengthening its presence in North America and Europe. Vicarius aims to lead in AI-based vulnerability remediation at every stage, from detection to proactive remediation.

This funding will help Vicarius advance its product roadmap and double its team size, further enhancing its capabilities in the cybersecurity domain.

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