Video Games Releasing in 2024

As a gaming enthusiast, I’m excited to share with you the most anticipated video games set to release in 2024. This year promises an exciting lineup, ranging from long-awaited sequels to innovative new titles. Let’s dive into the world of gaming and explore what 2024 has in store for us.

Confirmed Video Games Releasing in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for video game enthusiasts, with a diverse lineup of highly anticipated releases. From the revival of classic franchises to innovative new titles, this year promises a rich blend of genres and experiences.

Whether you’re into intense fighting games, strategic battles, immersive role-playing, or eerie adventures, there’s something for every type of gamer.

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

  • Release Date: 18 January
  • Platforms: XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC

This game revives the classic Prince of Persia series with a fresh twist. Players can expect a blend of exploration and puzzle-solving in a vast, interconnected world. It’s a modern take on the series, promising to bring back nostalgic elements with new-age graphics and gameplay.

Tekken 8

  • Release Date: 26 January
  • Platforms: XSX/PS5/PC

The latest entry in the renowned fighting game series, Tekken 8, is set to deliver intense battles with improved graphics and mechanics. Fans can look forward to new characters and returning favorites, each with unique fighting styles and moves.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

  • Release Date: 2 February
  • Platforms: XSX/PS5/PC

This game offers a unique twist, letting players control the infamous Suicide Squad in a battle against the Justice League. It’s a co-op shooter where teamwork and strategy are key to taking down powerful heroes gone rogue.

Skull And Bones

  • Release Date: 16 February
  • Platforms: XSX/PS5/PC

Set in the golden age of piracy, players navigate treacherous waters, engage in naval battles, and build their reputation as the most feared pirate. It’s a game of strategy and survival on the high seas.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

  • Release Date: 29 February
  • Platforms: PS5

The second chapter in the Final Fantasy 7 remake saga, this game continues the story with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Players can dive deeper into the game’s rich world and complex characters.

Unicorn Overlord

  • Release Date: 8 March
  • Platforms: PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC

A strategy game that combines fantasy elements with tactical gameplay. Players lead armies of mythical creatures in battles across magical landscapes, with a focus on smart tactics and resource management.

Alone In The Dark

  • Release Date: 20 March
  • Platforms: XSX/PS5/PC

A reboot of the classic horror game, it promises to deliver a chilling experience with modern graphics and gameplay. Players explore dark, eerie environments while uncovering a mysterious story.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

  • Release Date: 22 March
  • Platforms: XSX/PS5/PC

The sequel to the popular action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2, offers an expansive open world filled with dangerous creatures and thrilling quests. Players can customize their characters and engage in dynamic combat.

Princess Peach: Showtime!

  • Release Date: 22 March
  • Platforms: NS

A rare game that puts Princess Peach in the spotlight. Players embark on a colorful adventure filled with puzzles and challenges, showcasing Peach’s unique abilities.

Rise Of The Rōnin

  • Release Date: 22 March
  • Platforms: PS5

Inspired by historical Japan, this action game focuses on the life of a ronin. Players experience a story of honor and betrayal, with fluid combat and an immersive world.

Each of these games brings something unique to the table, from high-stakes fighting in Tekken 8 to the strategic battles of Unicorn Overlord. Whether you’re a fan of action, strategy, or role-playing games, 2024 is set to be an exciting year for gamers.

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