TikTok Launches a New App for the Apple Vision Pro

The popular social media platform has launched a native and “reimagined” app specifically for the Apple Vision Pro. This move comes as the Vision Pro, which was launched on February 2, 2024, continues to expand its app ecosystem.

New TikTok Experience on Apple Vision Pro

The TikTok app on the Apple Vision Pro offers a more immersive viewing experience compared to its mobile counterpart. In this new version, the navigation bar and like button are moved off-screen, allowing for full video viewing.

The comment section and creator profiles appear as expansions on the side of the feed, enabling users to view videos, scroll through comments, and explore profiles simultaneously without any interruption.

Enhanced Features

One of the unique aspects of the TikTok Vision Pro app is its ability to let users watch videos in immersive locations, like Yosemite or even on the moon. It also integrates with the Vision Pro’s Shared Space feature, allowing multitasking with other apps.

The app’s design aligns with the Apple Vision Pro’s best practices, with the navigation bar shifted to the left and other icons like profile, share, like, comments, and sound on the right.

TikTok’s launch on the Vision Pro gives it an edge over competitors like YouTube, which is still in the process of developing its app for the platform. With other major entertainment and video apps like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video already available on the Vision Pro, TikTok’s entry adds to the diverse content offerings on Apple’s new device.

TikTok’s new app for the Apple Vision Pro is a testament to the platform’s commitment to innovation and user experience. By leveraging the unique capabilities of the Vision Pro, TikTok is set to offer a more engaging and immersive way for users to enjoy its content, staying ahead in the competitive world of social media and entertainment.

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