Google Gemini’s Android App (A New AI Helper, But Not an Assistant Replacement)

Google Gemini is expanding its reach. After its rollout in the US, it’s now heading to more countries. However, it’s not yet available in Europe, and from what I’ve gathered, it still has some kinks to iron out. Gemini is stepping in as Google’s main AI helper on Android, taking over from Bard, and it’s an alternative to using Google Assistant for voice controls.

What Does Gemini Do?

Gemini is all about helping you with voice controls on your Android phone. But here’s the catch – it’s not quite ready to take over from Google Assistant completely.

For example, Gemini can’t help with setting reminders directly because it’s more of a language model than a traditional voice assistant. This means it’s great for understanding and responding to your questions in a conversational way, but it might not handle some of the basic tasks you’re used to with Google Assistant.

Updates and Improvements

Google is working hard to make Gemini better. They’re trying to make it clearer which features are available now and which ones are still being developed. They’ve already fixed some issues, like having to manually send voice commands, and they’re planning more updates, including coding interpretation and bug fixes.

As of now, Gemini is not available everywhere, and it’s not a full replacement for Google Assistant. But Google is letting users choose between Assistant and Gemini, and they’re updating Gemini pretty rapidly. So, it seems like they’re on track to make Gemini a more comprehensive tool in the future.

Google Gemini is an exciting development in the world of Android apps. It’s not yet a complete substitute for Google Assistant, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. With its ongoing updates and improvements, Gemini could soon become a more integral part of our daily tech use.

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