Qualcomms Satellite Texting Plan for Android Phones Hits a Dead End

In the tech world, not every idea takes off, and Qualcomm’s plan to bring satellite texting to Android phones is one of them.

The project, called Snapdragon Satellite, was supposed to let you send texts even when you’re out of cell service range. It sounded like a cool idea, especially since Apple has something like it for iPhones.

Qualcomm and a company called Iridium got everything ready to make it happen. But, for some reason, the companies that make phones didn’t want to add this feature to their gadgets.

They’re looking for a way to do satellite stuff that’s not just tied to one company like Qualcomm.

Because of this, Qualcomm and Iridium are going their separate ways. This means Iridium can now talk directly to phone makers to see if they can work something out together.

Apple, on the other hand, is moving forward and adding more features to its emergency service on iPhones.

And soon, there might be another player in the game. Starlink, the satellite internet company, wants to start letting people send texts by satellite next year and maybe even make calls and go online down the line.

So, even though Qualcomm’s idea isn’t happening, it looks like there will still be plenty of ways to stay connected, no matter where you are.

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