Vivo Executives Arrested in India

In a recent times two senior employees of the Chinese smartphone maker Vivo’s India unit have been arrested by the country’s financial crime-fighting agency.

This action follows the arrest of four executives, including a Chinese national, from Vivo’s Indian unit two months earlier, in a case involving allegations of money laundering. Vivo has denied these charges.

The arrests are part of India’s increased scrutiny of Chinese businesses and investments, which intensified following a deadly border clash in 2020.

A Vivo spokesperson expressed deep concern over the arrests, stating,

“We are deeply alarmed by the current action of the authorities.”

The company has vowed to use all legal avenues to address and challenge the accusations, emphasizing the impact of such actions on the industry’s stability.

The arrested individuals were presented in a Delhi court and then taken into the agency’s custody. They are scheduled to appear in court again on December 26. The Enforcement Directorate, the agency involved, has not yet responded to requests for comment.

This situation highlights the ongoing geopolitical tensions and the scrutiny faced by Chinese companies operating in India. Vivo, known for its significant presence in the Indian smartphone market, now faces legal challenges that could affect its operations and reputation in the country.

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