Google Launches New AI Models (Rivian’s Layoffs, and Signal’s Usernames Rollout)

Google released new open AI models, Rivian announced notable layoffs, and Signal introduced usernames, marking significant shifts in their respective industries.

Google’s New AI Models

Google launched two new open large language models (LLMs), Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, as part of its generative AI initiative. These models, inspired by Gemini, Google’s flagship family of GenAI models, are now available for both commercial and research usage. This move signifies Google’s ongoing efforts to dominate the generative AI space, offering advanced tools for developers and researchers.

Rivian’s Workforce Reduction

In a challenging market for electric vehicles, Rivian, a prominent player in the EV industry, announced layoffs affecting 10% of its salaried workforce. This decision aims to reduce costs and streamline operations, focusing on the future launch of its more affordable EV, the R2. The layoffs underscore the competitive and volatile nature of the EV market.

Signal Enhances Privacy with Usernames

Signal, known for its emphasis on privacy and security, rolled out a feature allowing users to keep their phone numbers private by using usernames. This update enhances user privacy, enabling people to communicate securely without revealing their phone numbers. It’s a significant step for Signal in its mission to provide private and secure communication options.

This week’s tech updates highlight the dynamic nature of the industry. Google’s new AI models represent a leap in AI technology, Rivian’s layoffs reflect the challenges in the EV sector, and Signal’s usernames rollout underscores the growing importance of digital privacy.

These developments are shaping the future of technology, impacting how we interact with AI, the evolution of the EV market, and our expectations for digital privacy and security.

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