No Dedicated Netflix App for Apple Vision Pro Headset

Netflix has officially confirmed that it will not release a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Instead, Netflix users will need to use the web version of the service on the Vision Pro.

This means they won’t have access to features like downloading titles for offline viewing, which could be a disappointment for some subscribers.

The web version of Netflix should perform similarly to the iPad version, but it won’t provide the immersive experience many were hoping for on the Vision Pro. In contrast, Disney+ is offering a more engaging experience with themed backdrops from popular movies and shows.

Netflix’s decision might be influenced by the mixed reality market’s niche status and the Vision Pro’s high price of $3,500. The headset, set to be available on February 2, will support streaming from other services like Disney+, Apple TV+, and more, and will feature 150 3D movies for rent or purchase.

This move by Netflix suggests that the company may not see significant value in investing heavily in mixed reality platforms at this time, especially considering the limited success of its app on other platforms like Meta Quest.

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