35 Popular Apps Spreading Malware on Mac (Kaspersky Report)

Recently, there’s been a warning for people who use Mac computers. If you download free versions of popular apps from certain websites, your computer might get a harmful software called a trojan.

This trojan can secretly control your computer and use it to do bad things online, like stealing information or sending spam.

A cybersecurity company named Kaspersky found out about this problem earlier in the year. They noticed that the trojan was hidden in free copies of 35 well-known apps. These apps are usually for editing photos, videos, recovering lost files, and checking networks. Some of the apps that have this problem include 4K Video Downloader Pro, FonePaw Data Recovery, and Wondershare UniConverter 13.

App Name App Name
4K Video Downloader Pro AnyMP4 Android Data Recovery for Mac
Aissessoft Mac Data Recovery FonePaw Data Recovery
Aissessoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate Sketch
Wondershare UniConverter 13 SQLPro Studio
Artstudio Pro Downie 4

Usually, when you download a real app for a Mac, it comes as a disk image. But these trojan-infected apps are different.

They come as PKG files, which have special access to your computer. This means they can change important files and start automatically when you turn on your computer. The trojan is tricky because it pretends to be a normal part of the Mac system, making it hard to find.

Kaspersky couldn’t figure out exactly what the trojan does, but they know it uses your internet connection in a sneaky way. They also think this trojan might be affecting Android phones and Windows computers, not just Macs.

This situation is a reminder that downloading free versions of paid apps can be risky. It’s always safer to get your apps from official stores or websites to keep your computer and information safe.

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