2018 Tesla Model S 75D Review (Used)

Tesla Model S 75D, first introduced over a decade ago, remains a flagship model for Tesla, boasting over 600,000 sales. This review focuses on a used 2018 Model S 75D, showcasing how it stands the test of time.

2018 Tesla Model S 75D at a Glance

  • Dimensions: 196 inches x 77.3 inches x 56.9 inches, 116.5 inches wheelbase.
  • Drivetrain tested: 75D – AWD 386 kW (518 hp), 486 lb-ft, 75 kWh total battery capacity; 72.6 kWh usable.
  • Charging: 150 kW Supercharger, 142 kW CCS; 10-80% in 42 min.
  • Range: 304 miles NEDC (259 miles EPA)
  • Weight: 4,647 lb unladen
  • Other features: Sunroof, Tesla Supercharge, OTA updates, Autopilot, Dog mode.


Tesla Model S maintains a sleek, modern look, with curvy lines and soft edges. The design has evolved minimally over the years, helping even older models retain a contemporary appearance.


The interior offers “subdued luxury,” with black leather and Alcantara with wood details or a white interior with aluminum trim. The materials show some wear but hold up well over time. The steering wheel and controls, borrowed from Mercedes, function flawlessly.

Storage and Practicalities

Model S features a spacious trunk with a hatchback opening style, offering significant luggage space. The frunk (front trunk) is also wide and deep, though with a weight limit of 110 lb.

Driving Experience

Model S provides a comfortable driving experience, with light steering and advanced driver assist technology. The air suspension ensures the vehicle stays flat in corners, though the car’s weight is noticeable during turns and braking.

Tech Features

Model S’s technology remains impressive, with a 17-inch center touchscreen controlling most vehicle functions. OTA updates keep the multimedia system modern, though it lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Ride Comfort and Cabin Noise

The air suspension, while great for handling, transmits small bumps and potholes harshly inside. The cabin offers good sound insulation, creating a quiet environment.

Acceleration and Braking

The AWD and 386 kW (518 hp) powertrain enable quick acceleration, though the brakes can be pushed to their limits during rapid stops.


Model S’s streamlined body optimizes efficiency, offering low consumption for its size and weight.

Charging Speed

While the 150 kW charging was impressive at launch, it now shows its age compared to newer models. AC home charging is recommended to maintain battery health.


Audi e-tron 55 and Tesla Model Y Long Range are considered competitors, offering similar practicality and status.

A used Tesla Model S is a practical choice for those seeking a spacious, comfortable sedan with up-to-date technology and reliable battery performance.

Pros Cons
Timeless styling Average build and material quality
Efficient power Limited rear headroom
Access to Tesla’s Supercharger network Lack of Android Auto and CarPlay
Good handling Harsh ride despite air suspension
Quick acceleration
Comfortable seating
Modern infotainment system

This review highlights the enduring appeal of the Tesla Model S 75D, showcasing its strengths and areas where it shows its age.

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