OpenAI Launches GPT Store for Custom Chatbots

OpenAI has launched the GPT Store, a cool new place where you can find and use special chatbot apps. These apps are smart and can do a bunch of different things, thanks to AI technology like GPT-4 and DALL-E 3. This store makes it easier for people to use and customize AI for all sorts of stuff.

You can find the GPT Store in a special section of the ChatGPT website. It’s got a bunch of different AI chatbots (called GPTs) made by OpenAI and other smart people. You can find chatbots for things like lifestyle tips, help with writing, doing research, coding, and learning.

How to Use the GPT Store

To use these chatbots, you need to sign up for one of OpenAI’s ChatGPT plans. Once you’re in, you can use all sorts of chatbots for free. There’s one that suggests hiking trails, another that helps with coding, and even one that helps design stuff.

Making Your Own Chatbots

The cool part is you don’t need to be a tech whiz to make your own chatbot. You just tell the GPT Builder what you want your chatbot to do, and it’ll make one for you. For example, you could make a chatbot that knows a lot about cooking or one that helps with coding.

If you make a chatbot, you have to follow OpenAI’s rules. They check to make sure everything’s okay before your chatbot goes live. People can also tell OpenAI if they find a chatbot that’s not following the rules.

Right now, making chatbots is free, but OpenAI is thinking about letting creators make money from their chatbots based on how much people like and use them. They’ll share more details about this later.

The GPT Store is a big deal because it lets more people create and use AI chatbots. It’s a new way for people to share their cool AI ideas, making AI more fun and useful for everyone.

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